All school rules and regulations apply while at San Jose State University (SJSU) and on the trip to and from the university. This includes NO cell phone calls and texting during rehearsals. All cell phones must remain off and in back packs. Students will need to supply a bag lunch. Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) will supply the students dinner. All students must travel to the SJSU in the morning by bus.

Students are not allowed to drive to SJSU regardless of age. Students will not be allowed to leave for an afternoon rehearsal for a sports practice/game. Students are expected to be transported home by a family member after the performance. A sign up list will be taken one week prior to the event for students that will need CUHSD to supply a ride home that evening. Transportation will be by school bus to the students’ home high school.

7:15 AM All Jazz Ensemble students meet at Westmont High School. These students are responsible for their own transportation to Westmont.
7:30 AM
Bus departs Westmont High School for San Pedro Square.
7:45 AM
All Percussion Ensemble students meet at Leigh. These students are responsible for their own transportation to Leigh.
7:50 AM
All Band, Orchestra and Choir students arrive at their own home school. Go directly to the music room for roll call by director/parent chaperone. Do not check into first period.
8:00 AM
Rehearsal begins at Leigh for percussion.
8:10 AM
Jazz students are dropped off at San Pedro Square.
8:20 AM
Jazz rehearsal begins at the Tabard Theater.
8:30 AM
Buses leave school sites for San Jose State (choir, band, and orchestra).
9:10 AM
Band and Choir students arrive at SJSU. Welcome & introductions. Orchestra students stay on buses and are transported to the Flames Banquet room located at 88 S. 4th Street, San Jose, CA 95112.
9:25 AM
Orchestra disembarks at the Flames. Choir moves to the Music Building Concert Hall. Symphonic Band goes to the Events Center.
9:30 AM
Band, Orchestra, and Choir Rehearsals begin.
11:20 AM
Choir breaks for lunch.
12:00 PM
Jazz and Orchestra break for lunch. Percussion Ensemble has lunch at Leigh. Symphonic Band breaks for lunch.
12:15 PM
Choir rehearses in the Events Center.
12:50 PM
Percussion, jazz, and orchestra return to rehearsal at their individual venues.
1:10 PM
Symphonic Band returns to rehearsal, and Choir heads to the Trianon Theater (72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112).
1:25 PM
Choir begins rehearsal in the Trianon Theater.
2:45 PM
Percussion Ensemble rehearsal ends. Students help load equipment into Leigh Trucks. Orchestra rehearsal ends. Students walk to Event Center. If rain is in the forecast that morning, please be sure to bring an umbrella!!
2:50 PM
Jazz rehearsal ends. Students walk to SJSU Events Center. If rain is in the forecast that morning, please be sure to bring an umbrella!!
3:25 PM
Buses arrive at Leigh to transport percussion students to SJSU.
3:30 PM
Buses depart Leigh for SJSU. Symphonic Band rehearsal ends. Orchestra rehearsal begins in the Event Center. Symphonic band students watch orchestra rehearse.
3:45 PM
Jazz students arrive at SJSU. Students will quietly watch the orchestra rehearse.
4:15 PM
Choir and orchestra rehearsals end. Choir students will return to the Event Center.
4:15 PM
Percussion students arrive at SJSU.
4:30 PM
Dinner served to all students.
4:40 PM
Percussion truck arrives from Leigh.
4:45 PM
Percussion unloads.
5:00 PM
Comedy Sportz performs.
5:35 PM
Jazz sound check begins.
5:45 PM
Jazz sound check ends.
5:50 PM
All students change into performance clothes. Percussion set up and sound check in the Event Center.
6:00 PM
Guest conductors and school directors meet for a reception on the Mezzanine.
6:30 PM
Event Center doors open.
6:45 PM
Students in seats and choir in position.
7:00 PM
Concert begins.
9:00 PM
Concert ends.
9:10 PM
Clean up Events Center.
9:20 PM
Bus arrives from CUHSD on corner of San Salvador and 4th Streets to take students with bus reservations back to their home school.
9:30 PM
Clean up ends.